Saturday, December 13, 2014

Debra Monroe is This Week's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Scranberry Coop's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter this week is Debra Monroe!

This week's Free Gift was this Vintage Christmas set of postcards and Christmas card booklets. How great is that!

It's easy to get in on this. Scranberry Coop Gives Away a Free Gift every week on Facebook!

The Free Gift is something we bought here at The Coop from one of the 100+ dealers in our store, or it's a Gift Certificate.

Sometime on Friday afternoon we post a photo of that week's Free Gift on our Scranberry Coop Facebook Page, and on our Doggie Ambassador Joey Badenov's Facebook Page. You have until the following day, Saturday, at 7pm, to show some love for that pic. That means, Like, Comment, and Share the photo, only we're not supposed suppose to use those three terms on FB. So we say SHOW THE LOVE! Give the photo a Thumbs Up, Leave some Good Words, and Spread the Photo Around!

Everyone's welcome to participate, and you can participate as many times as you'd like.

The more Love You Show, the more we'll know you want that Free Gift!

Really, it's that easy. The Rules are posted on our site and they're the same all the time. It's just for fun, it's just a Free Gift. No purchase necessary, no form to fill out.

Then on Saturday at 7pm we will pick and post that week's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK BACK TO SEE IF IT'S YOU! It's up to you to see who's getting a Free Gift. The Free Gift will be here at the Coop on rt 206 in Andover New Jersey, just waiting for the chosen Gift Getter to pick up.

Just ask Debra Monroe - this is fun and easy!

Check out Joey Badenov and Scranberry Coop on Facebook. Follow both for your chances to get free stuff! Thanks for making Scranberry Coop a part of your community!

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