Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sharon Hill is This Weeks Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Our Free Friday Facebook Gift this week was a $10.00 Gift Certificate to Scranberry Coop, and it's going to Sharon Hill!

Thank you Sharon for showing some love for this photo on our Facebook AND on Joey Badenov's Facebook! We'll have a $10.00 GC for you at Scranberry Coop. :)

We do this every week. We post a Photo on Facebook - both on ours and Joey's - every Friday. Show some love for that photo, everyone is welcome, the more love you show the more we'll know you want that gift! Then we'll pick and post the Gift Getter the following day, Saturday, at 7pm. Be sure to check back to see who got that week's Gift!

And be sure to add Joey Badenov to your Facebook Friends for more chances to get cool stuff.

Come find your treasure, and visit Joey, at Scranberry Coop, Andover NJ!

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