Saturday, January 10, 2015

Today's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter is Robin P. Ortiz-Calandriello

Robin P. Ortiz-Calandriello is Scranberry Coop's Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Robin's Free Gift is this classic vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club Puzzle - the Official Mickey Mousekapuzzle.

We do this every week! The rules are here, it's super-easy to get involved. No purchase necessary, no forms to fill out, no giving us a bunch of your private info. We post a photo of the Free Friday Facebook Gift every Friday on Scranberry Coop's Facebook Page and Joey Badenov's Facebook Page.

All you have to do is show some love for that photo. That's it, just share it, like it, and/or leave a comment, on either or both FB pages. We can't use terms Facebook says belong to them, but you know what we mean when we say spread the photo around, give it a thumbs up, leave some good words ;)

The more love you show the more we'll know you want that Free Gift! Everyone is welcome: Past Gift Getters, Coop dealers, children of all ages!

We pick and post the Gift Getter the following evening, Saturday at 7:00 PM. Don't forget to check back to see if you're the Gift Getter! We can't contact you. As a Business Page on Facebook, we can't see your personal pages, we can't initiate messaging, we can't tag people, we can't post on your wall, we can't even see your wall. And that's OK, we aren't trying to harvest all your info. We just need for ya to CHECK BACK TO SEE IF YOU'RE THE GIFT GETTER :D

We hold the Free Gifts for the Gift Getters here at Scranberry Coop, 42 Main Street/Route 206, Andover, NJ for 90 days.

It's just for fun. It's our little way of saying THANK YOU to all our awesome online community, each and every single week. Come find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!

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