Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meet The Artists at Scranberry Coop

Scranberry Coop has a secret! While we are known for antiques and collectibles did you know we also have an Artisans Room? Filled with high quality hand made art waiting for you.

You are invited to join Joey McFarland and meet the artists of Scranberry Coop’s Artisan Room. On display and for sale in the Artisan Room, we have silverware jewelry, pottery, abstract impressionistic paintings, hand crafted birdhomes, hand made healing cards and of course hand made leather gear.

Admission is free, and all are welcome!

The artists will be on hand to answer questions and discuss inspiration and method. Bring your eye for the artistic and get some unique gifts for yourself, your friends and your family.

Door prizes and Refreshments - Wine and Cheese

Meet the Artists Event – Saturday, December 12th 
3 pm to 6 pm 
At Scranberry Coop -  42 Main Street, Route 206, Andover NJ 07821 
Ph: 973- 786 - 6414 

Hosting Artist – Joey McFarland

With a passion for design, creation and construction using leather as a medium, Joey McFarland designs was formed. Each piece is made by hand, creating one-of-a kind usable art. From bags and bracelets to journals, masks and fantasy pieces, I incorporate the uniqueness of each leather hide to create art you can use for both fun and function.

The form and performance of the designs are constantly evolving, giving you a wide variety of choices to show off your own one of a kind style.
Come meet me and all the other artists I promote in the Artisan Room at Scranberry Coop.

Guest Artist – Sandi Tygar

Sandi Tygar is an assemblage and mixed media artist living in white township nj with her ‘one’, jeff, two dogs, two cats, a fish named jacques and a studio filled with all things old. As a team, sandi and jeff scour flea markets, antique shops and garage sales for items that tell a story…. things that were once used and loved, utilized and work worn, or magical items that simply want to tell their stories.

Sandi’s birdhomes provide a base for odd configurations of even odder items. Each birdhome is infused with energy, soul and love. each item is placed with intention and there is new life for things left behind.
Ordering, pricing, info at www.sandisbirdhomes.com

Guest Artist – Carrie Lee McClelland

The artwork that you see here represents a style of abstract expressionism both unique and personal of the deep reflective, personal experience of the painter. Bold and powerful energy in paint, would be an accurate description. Provocative use of color, style and adult finger paiting is the process where Ms. McClelland saturates each canvas, regardless of size, with a bold, intuitive range of colors.

Each piece has a power all its own. Even in the confines of a smaller canvas, there is a potent expression which radiates outward. The energy put into the work consistently determines the tone of the intention radiating from it. Carrie Lee McClelland attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh 1983-84 focusing on Visual Arts and Art History. Her style has evolved over the years through personal focus on art periods and learning from the practices of her artistic influences and incorporating those aspects into her own work.

Not limited to paint, Ms. McClelland also has a strong background in drawing, pastel and photography as well.

Guest Artist – Tzveta DaVinci

I am an inventor, transformer, an awakener and an artist.

Using dance, meditation, laughter, different forms of art and other expression to find beauty, joy and fulfillment. Using ancient and modern tools to awaken the meaning in people’s life’s.

One of the alchemical tools I have created is a deck of Quest Cards, fused with art, playfulness and transformational questions. 36 cards, each with one question that can help you change the direction of your life and of your journey toward self discovery.

Why Questions? A question is like a locked door with hidden treasures behind it –a door that needs to be opened to shed light on an issue. Sometimes, the answer lies in the very question itself. Questions activate our thinking. They provoke self-reflection. Self-reflection is the spark that connects the neurons in our brain, creating new paths and patterns, and leaving us with new ways of being and experiencing ourselves and our reality. Each card’s question is carefully selected from my own transformational experiences and life coaching practice. The cards are handmade, with my original artwork. The back of the cards creates a puzzle, that reveals the whole artwork.

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