Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thomas Edison Phonograph, Antique, Home Model, $75 at Scranberry Coop Andover NJ

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Scranberry Coop2 said...

I found a page online posted by Mr Lynn Bilton - this gentlemen seems to know more about Edison Phonographs than even the reference books I've looked at. We've never spoken with him, but here's the link to his very expertly written post -

As for this Edison Phonograph in our store, the dealer's tag says "Home Model, As-Is, $75.00." I tried to look up some stuff to see if I could answer some of your questions, but I'm sorry I really don't want to make guesses and I don't feel qualified to make any assessments. I do love you guys but you have to realize that "Yeah but is it in good condition?" is kind of a relative question, and I don't know enough about these awesome little machines to say one way or the other.

You're welcome to stop in and visit us here at Scranberry Coop. We're located at 42 Main Street, Andover NJ, hours are posted in the sidebar. Come check it out for yourself. Inpsect it and see what you think.

We've got over 100 dealers here in our 10,000 square foot big yellow building. We have a big safe parking lot for your off-street parking, easy-loading accessibility. We have a snackbar, nice clean restrooms, dogs are welcome, and there's something for everyone here. We're worth the trip.

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