Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dogs are Welcome at Scranberry Coop Antique Store, Andover NJ

At Scranberry Coop, we have over 100 dealers, each with their own unique space and style. We have an Artisan Room, we have a wee snack bar, a huge private parking lot, clean restrooms, lovely gardens including the Spiral Garden and the Secret Garden, and we have Joey Badenov, our doggie ambassador. Joey wants to make sure you all know that dogs are welcome here. We're open Wed - Sun, and we hope you'll come by some time soon! There's something here for everyone - vintage clothes, toys, antique furniture, art, photography and camera equipment, ephemera, musical instruments, vinyl records, vintage tools, kitchenware, pottery and glass, leather creations and more. We have a whole area where local animal rescues sell their wares to raise funds for animals in need. Bring your dog, and come say hi! Come find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!

Joey and friends, meeting up at The Coop -

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