Thursday, December 18, 2008


There's some beautiful furniture finds to be had at Scranberry Coop. Breakfronts, highboys, lowboys, rocking chairs, bookshelves, pie chests, hoosiers, cabinets, vanities, dinette sets, schoolhouse desks - you name it, we got it. 

Take a look at this beautiful dresser. Think about what you'd pay for a new dresser anywhere from IKEA or Pottery Barn. And you know nothing you find new is going to match the craftsmanship, style, and charm of this piece. 

Wouldn't this look great in your guest bedroom? Or how about with linens inside as a serving board in your dining room? Or better yet- right in your entryway as you come in the front door? Add a tray for your mail, a bowl for your keys and nice floral arrangement in a vintage vase and you've really got something. The drawers would be a great place to keep your mittens ;) 

Happy Holidays!

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