Saturday, December 27, 2008


Remember decorating for a certain holiday when you were little? Waiting for dad to pull down the boxes from the attic, waiting for mom to open them up. Anticipating the reunion you'd have with that favorite little decoration, the one you got to put up yourself every year?

Remember that old wall phone with the twisted up cord, and the way you'd race for it when it rang?

Remember that rock glass that your dad always had his scotch in?

Remember that lamp in the corner of the living room, where your grandmother would sit for hours and sew, or knit, or bead fruit?

Remember that dresser at your very-best friend's house? The one where you'd put your stuff when you slept over? Remember the broken hinge, and the glass knob? Remember?

Remember the postcards you sent home from camp? Remember seeing them up on the old Frigidaire when you got home?

Remember the piggy bank you squirreled away your allowance in, so you could buy baseball cards and Pez?
Remember Pez? Remember hunting through the racks of them at Woolworths for your favorite characters? Popeye, Daffy Duck. A witch for Halloween? A bunny for Easter?

Remember the thermos you took to school every day filled with Campbells Tomato Soup - your favorite?

Remember the Matchbook cars you played with again and again and again?

Remember that exotic statue your uncle in the Air Force sent you, that you'd look at late at night as you'd drift off to sleep, thinking about far away lands and all the things you could be when you grew up?

Remember wearing your grandfather's tie clip to church on Sundays, paranoid you'd lose it and your butt would be red for weeks? Remember the pipe he smoked, that filled the halls with the smell of Cherry Blend?

Remember how he took you to your very first baseball game?

And remember his very special baked beans in that old bean crock with the brown lid?

Remember that canister in the kitchen where your brother's licorice was hidden underneath the teabags, so he wouldn't find it and eat it all? Remember that cookie jar your aunt brought all the way from Denver, filled with her home made raisin walnut cookies?

Remember that Fiestaware teacup your mom always used?

Remember lunchboxes?

And seltzer bottles?

And Charles' Chips?



So do we.


Anonymous said...

I wish you were open right now. I've never in my life wanted to go antique shopping as much as I do right this minute.

LceeL said...

I remember every bit of that - and more. Thank you, so much, for taking me back.

Wendy said...

I have no idea why, but this made me cry.

Thank you. I'm going to go call my granfather right now.