Monday, February 2, 2009

Cookie Jars

Always a fun collectible, the perfect hostess gift any where you go. The Coop boasts a fantastic collection of vintage and antique cookie jars.
Wouldn't one of these look great on your kitchen counter filled with Malamars or Milanos? Wouldn't your mom or grandmother or god mother LOVE to get one of these from you for Valentines Day, filled with Macaroons or Nutter Butters? Wouldn't one of these be a quirky little ice breaker in the break room at your office? I bet your employees will think happy thoughts of you every time they grab an Oreo.

Hey maybe you have a friend working hard to keep on a diet. Wouldn't one of these be a great way to tell her how proud you are of her! Fill it with Snack Wells or Weight Watcher Snack Bars, or Atkins cookie snacks. What a wonderful way to support someone's goals and still show how "sweet" you think they are!!

Come into Scranberry Coop and indulge!

1 comment:

The Pike County Humane Society, Inc said...

Oh, a vintage doggie cookie jar would be so cute filled with dog treats. Thanks for the idea!