Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your New Old Office

There are alot of things you can do with your office to give it a special vintage decor.

Classically, a pretty candy dish, vintage crystal water glasses or a deco pitcher or coffee carafe set add style and could definitely set the tone for a sales meeting a would-be customer is likely to remember fondly.

Obviously vintage seating, antique desks, and time-honored classics like bookshelves, tables and benches - will set the stage for a beautiful antique inspired office. Old baskets can display product literature or magazines.

Additionally, there are alot of fun things you can do to make your work space truly yours.

Enamelware breadboxes are the perfect size for letter-sized folders and papers. Wouldn't a few shelves boasting a great collection of enamelware breadboxes be a friendlier sight than an old file cabinet? Vintage traincases and small suitcases would be fun to store your disks, files, and samples and will display nicely on open shelving or even just stacked colorfully in a corner.

Stacks of vintage lunch boxes could hold brochures and literature you need to bring to trade shows and events.

Your desk set could be vintage dripware, or jelly jars, or tea cups. They can surely be used as pen holders, business card holders, paper clip and rubber band holders, and more. Arranged in a teacup caddy or a vintage bar set, you really have something stylish and unique!

An old set of window shutters could be used as a bulletin board.

A dessert plate tier would be so much prettier than the obligatory in box , out box and to be filed box. It could also be done with serving trays, pimpernels, platters, or wooden baskets.

Vintage artwork, antique lamps, and vintage copies of classic magazines and newspapers would make your waiting room stellar, not stifled.

Make an old trunk or ice box your supply cabinet.

Kitschy napkin holders will hold files upright on your desktop. A classic world globe and old leather bound books lend an old world feel that inspires confidence. A collection of book ends, or antique desk accessories like ink wells and magnifying glasses show mystique.

Rework your work space with your own flair and style. Furnish your home office with the things you love, that make you want to go to work every day. Create a space customers love, and potential business associates will remember and want to return to. Scranberry Coop can help! Come in, look around. Think outside the in-box!


Anonymous said...

These are great ideas. I dread going into my stupid ikea office with my blah staples or office depot accessories. Why didn't I think of this. I can't wait to tackle it and redo the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

This is a shining example of repurposing. Thanks for this, great post!

Annie said...

I never thought to use the old window shutters inside the office. That's such a cute idea. I have a few just sitting in the barn. I could stand them up across the back of the desk or hang them on the wall. I could stick memos and mail and photos in the slots. Very crafty!