Sunday, February 8, 2009


Cocktails, anyone?


Not all of us are lucky enough to have Pee Wee Herman on our bar. So, what's on your bar?

Red wine glasses, white wine balloons, brandy snifters, shot glasses, margarita glasses, rock glasses, old fashions, cordials, beer mugs, tall lemonades, goblets - what do you need? We have it! Shakers, pitchers, carafes, decanters. Whether you have a wet bar, or a dedicated kitchen counter at parties, your bar is the center of the action. What do you like? Those interesting old cold paint pieces from the 30's 40's and 50's? Crystal? Hand blown glass? Pottery? Wouldn't a vintage martini set just kick the night off right? Wouldn't a nice set of champagne flutes be perfect for Valentine's Day?

Decorate the bar with style! Vintage liquor bottles, fancy Limoges dishes for your nuts and popcorn. Or pick a theme! You know how we love themes. Your bar could be a Surf Club like on the beach! Or have an old Irish Pub atmosphere.

Nothing sets the mood like lighting. Pick up some classic 70's bar lamps. Or how about an authentic illuminating bar sign? Wouldn't Super Bowl Sunday at your house next year be THE place when you have cool beer steins, vintage pennants and authentic shooter glasses? Whether you want your place to be party central, or you'd just like to put out a nice sangria serving set when the girls come over to watch Gray's Anatomy with you on Thursday Nights, this is the place to come!

With just a few fun trips through Scranberry Coop you can find every thing you need to serve all those perfect drinks at your next bash. From vintage olive picks to the coolest cork screws, you are sure to find the best bar accessories and decor at the Coop. Who knows, maybe there's a collection of shot glasses in your future!

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Anonymous said...

I totally forgot how fucking funny that movie is! Thanks for the clip!