Sunday, July 12, 2009


At Scranberry Coop we have a wonderful selection of vintage and antique jewelry. From cameos to pretty pearls, there's something for everyone here. Hat pins, gorgeous broaches and pins, incredible American Native Indian silver and turquoise jewelry, vintage gold, military pins, hand made dangling glass bead earrings, toe rings, and more.

Do you collect charms for your charm bracelet? Do you collect lockets or state and travel tack pins? Are you getting engaged and in the market for a quality antique diamond engagement ring? Of how about a classic watch - wrist or pocket.

A few new long pieced necklaces or pendants would change up your whole work wardrobe. Maybe a set of bangles or a nice big scarf pin would add panache to your classic look.

And what an awesome and meaningful gift it would be, to give a friend a unique piece of Victorian jewelry. Or how about a fun necklace or charm symbolizing a memory? A vacation from many years ago, an Alma Mater, an initial, a family pet from once upon a time. Let your grandmother know you remember. Let your granddaughter know you want her to remember.

We have it all from current collectibles through retro fun, through the highest quality antique heirlooms. Come on in and see for yourself. Whatever you're looking for, even if you don't know what exactly it is yet...
Visit Scranberry Coop: Your friendly 10,000 square foot treasure chest.

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