Friday, July 17, 2009

What do YOU collect?

What are you interested in?

What do you collect?

Scranberry Coop is brimming over with stuff! We have all kinds of antiques and vintage items, all kinds of collectibles.

What are you looking for? What treasures have you been seeking out? What pieces do you think you'd like to collect, but you don't know enough about them? What is that one elusive piece you're just bursting to find, that would complete a collection you've proudly served for years?


Take advantage of this!

The Coop is 10,000 square feet of goodies and finds!
We have more than 150 different dealers here


Ask us any questions you have regarding your antiques, vintage treasures, and collectibles. Ask us expert questions, ask us to find something. Ask us if we know anything about this, or if we can find out anything about that. Just ask!

We will do our best to accommodate you. We will pass the word on to our many dealers, we will post your questions on our site, we will email you or call you if we can find something you're seeking.

You are cordially invited to be part of the Scranberry Coop family!

We have a great time here- buying, selling, sharing info, running around at the Summer Sunday Flea Markets. We're super-friendly! And again, 150 dealers with 200 booths in a 10,000 foot building just packed with treasures galore!

This is the place to turn to with any questions you might have! You would not even believe some of the incredibly awesome stuff we've seen pass through our doors. Whatever you collect, tell us about it!

Send us pics and info of the way you've set up the treasures you've unearthed here at our shop, in your home, We'll feature you in a post!

And who knows. Maybe after some shopping, talking, seeking, and thinking, you might even want to try out hosting a little booth here for yourself.

Hey, that's a GREAT way to give your passion a try without the headache and cost of overhead and all that. It's probably easier than you think!

The pics in this post feature many many salt and pepper shakers. S n P's are a long time staple in the collectibles world. Some people collect state themed snp's, some people collect from a certain period or decade, some collect animals, some collect depression glass. Some collect salt and peppers in a specific color.

Some people like to have a different set that they use every month - Jackolanterns for October, Pilgrims for November, snowmen for December, pinecones for January, kissing coupes for February, Shamrocks for March, bunnies for April,.... oh you get the idea!!

The many snp sets you see here aren't even a fraction of what we have at Scranberry Coop RIGHT NOW!

Don't delay! Come on in! Send us your thoughts, your pics, your questions, your wish list!!

Enjoy a safe and happy summer, and make Scranberry Coop a part of it!

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