Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get the Feel

So you've been reading the blog. You've been thinking about coming in. Maybe you even drive bye the big yellow building once in a while, but you haven't stopped.

You see the things we sell online, you know there's 10,000 square feet of treasure in this big building. You've read that more than 150 dealers - that's 150 different sources with their own style and taste - are featured here.

But maybe you haven't gotten the image in your head yet. Maybe the facts haven't given you the feel.

Come on in and get a feel for us. It's all true, it's all here. Whether you're looking for major pieces for your home, or for little stocking stuffers as gifts, we've got it. We've got everything.

Come feel us out. Come in to Scranberry Coop. Find what you're missing.

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