Friday, November 6, 2009

What Wood You Do?

At Scranberry Coop, the furniture you'll find is unique. Hand made. Special. Many pieces are one of a kind, made by the kinds of craftsman that took pride in their work. These are the kinds of desks and breakfronts that will make your home authentic. These antique chairs and vintage doll cradles will add style to your decor.

We didn't think so.

Have you ever looked at someone's home and recognized the furniture? You saw it on a TV commercial, your neighbor has the exact same set, or you saw it while flipping through a department store catalogue? Is that what you're going for with your home?

Ponder these pictures. It's just a sampling of the kinds of furniture we have right here right now. Today. Today is the day to say to yourself, you're finally going to get that hall piece that will anchor your entry way.

Today is the day your vintage book collection comes out of the milk crate and up onto a cherry wood 100 year old bookshelf where it will display with honor. Today is the day you replace that corner chair, the day you get rid of that awful pressboard dresser. Today is the day you treat yourself to desk that makes your whole office feel special and inviting.

Today is the day to come to Scranberry Coop.

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