Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas All the Time

It's not too late to do some Christmas shopping here at the Coop.

Many of our awesome dealers have marked down their holiday decor items. And many of our dealers have ongoing sales - check each booth for the white sign showing how much of a discount you can take off if you pay with cash or check.

You've got it all fresh in your mind right now. The corner of the living room that could use a little something. You were 2 green linen napkins short. You could use a few more pieces of your Termocrisa Mexican Milk Glass Holly Pattern dishes, now that the family is growing. You gave a vintage cup away you'd like to replace. You broke a few too many ornaments this year and you need to pick up some more, especially vintage ones. You've decided to collect snowmen since that was the best part of your decor this year.

Maybe you need to replace a couple antique nativity pieces that the cat decided to play hockey with.

Maybe this was the year you got a new office and didn't have enough decoration to keep you smiling. Maybe you downsized, or upsized, or moved. For whatever reason, you know you'd love love love to pick up a few more pieces of Holiday / Seasonal / Christmas decorations so you're all set to launch next year!

Well the season isn't over at Scranberry Coop. Come on in and check us out. Find your new favorite old ornaments. Find an Old World Santa or a few new snowflakes to make the season bright. If reindeers are your thing, we've got 'em. Old bottle brush Christmas trees, vintage pine cone elves, cardboard mica houses from Japan, hugger elves from Woolworths.

You know how much fun it was to see your house filled with meaningful symbols of fun and tradition. Hey let's make the season last all year long! Let's keep the magic! Let's keep our eyes open all year long for that perfect gift for someone special. And keep on looking in Scranberry Coop. It's not too late to Christmas Shop. It's never too late!

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