Monday, January 4, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Remember playing Duck Duck Goose when you were little? Sitting on the floor in a big circle of your classmates or friends. Waiting for that tap on the head. Duck. Duck. Waiting for your turn. Duck. Duck. Duck. Waiting for your turn to get up and run, and try to tag out the kid who was it. Duck. Duck. Then it finally happens. Goose!

You don't have to wait at Scranberry Coop for your turn. Your turn is right now. It's your turn to think about yourself for a change. It's your turn to redecorating your office or your bedroom. It's your turn to spend some time on your collections. It's your turn to give yourself a present you're really going to love.

You spend so much time on your family, on your job. On everyone else around you. No more waiting. It's your turn. Whatever it is that might make your day, 'betcha we got it. We got ducks, we got goose. There's even some quail and a swan or two.

Whatever water fowl you're looking for...
whatever you're looking for...
don't wait.
Look now.
Look here.
Come to Scranberry Coop.
It's your turn.

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