Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gifts for Men

We have fishing reels and lures, we have Jack Daniels memorabilia, golfing equipment, cigar shop props and antique scotch glasses. We have Fonzie mugs, shot glasses, vintage postcards, beer steins, sports collectibles, antique tools, Doors vintage vinyl and master recording CD's.

Who is the guy in your life that deserves a great and thoughtful gift? Hey, maybe it's the guy that just shoveled two freaking feet of snow for you! Is it your son? Your husband? Your father? Your brother? Your neighbor?

Maybe he deserves something really spectacular for Father's Day or his birthday, like a very cool antique desk.

For just a few bucks you can say how much you appreciate him with a vintage thermos filled with your hot coffee, or a fun old 70's character mug filled with candy, or pens for his desk.

Whether your gift giving is big or small, the sentiment is always significant when you take a moment to think outside the box and select something that will really make him smile.

So make him smile! Come in to Scranberry Coop. Find that special gift for him. And hey, maybe there's a little something here for you, too!

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