Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Winter Games

The Olympics is a gathering of people from all over, competing to find out who's the best in the world.

If offering you the best selection at the coolest prices was an Olympic event, we'd be sure to win the gold medal here! It's amazing how much great stuff our dealers come up with each and every week. Their booths never cease to impress and amaze.

Here in Andover New Jersey, winter can be down time for some people. They may spend more time at home, less time going out. Hey, there's nothing wrong with nesting and spending quality family time. Why not make your Winter Games about redecorating and reworking your home for optimum appeal? A weekly trip to Scranberry Coop may be all you need to restyle and refresh your happy home. A new game and puzzle table, some better reading lamps, a vintage hot chocolate set, antique quilts, some different artwork. You'll find everything you need to here. We hope you'll luge on over and celebrate the winter season with us. Go for the gold at the Coop, you won't be disappointed!

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Anonymous said...

that capt morgan thing is cool!!! i am coming in!!