Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box for Valentine's Day

Vintage Barbie Doll items. A plant in a vintage planter the color of her new kitchen, or reminiscent of something special to her. Antique perfume bottles, hat boxes, bake-o-lite hand mirrors or bracelets, a piece of dinnerware from a pattern she says she likes.

How about a Longaberger basket she doesn't have in her collection? How about something that says you're enjoying one of her hobbies with her, like the Ren Fest? Or Hess trucks? Or antique brass? Whatever it is she collects, whatever it is that she'll find special, you can bet your last candy heart that you'll find something here at the Coop that will be perfect.

Hey anybody can buy a dozen roses. Any one can give her a generic box of chocolates. You have the opportunity of giving her something no one else will think of: something that says you listen, you care, you pay attention.

You can do this on a budget and still make a grand gesture. Wouldn't she love a vintage piggy bank with a couple bucks in it and a note saying "Let's save for our future together." Or how about a small antique toy from one of her baby photos, and a note saying how you see your unborn children in her eyes.

There's something here that will show her how you feel, something that says it much more romantically than anything you're going to find at a mass-manufactured store in the mall.

Come to Scranberry Coop. Whatever your budget, whatever your lady is into, there's something at the Coop that's a perfect fit.

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