Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts for The Other Woman

The "other" woman in your life would love to know you still think about her and love her.

Maybe it's your mother, maybe it's your grandmother. Maybe it's the neighbor that lets your dog out when you work late, and makes you those great cookies every Christmas. Maybe it's your aunt, or your sister, or your godmother.

And maybe this gesture is long over due.

Imagine the look on your mother's face when she opens up a gift from you - a lamp, and you explain it's to replace the one you broke when you were 8 and blamed it on your brother. Imagine your grandmother's surprise when you hand her piece of ruby glass for her collection. Imagine your sister's excitement when you give her a vintage Suzie Crumpet doll, just like the one she loved when you were kids.

This goes for the ladies too. You have a woman in your life that used to do for you, that made memories with you. Maybe she's alone now, maybe your Valentine's gesture will really make her day. Fill an old Charles Chips tin or Fiestaware pitcher with a snack, or find that little piece of furniture that would look perfect in her study.

Or maybe you can do this as a couple. Maybe you and your partner decide you've been fortunate and you have so much. Maybe you want to give back to someone that was generous or thoughtful to you when you were starting out. Or maybe it's someone that helps you out right now.

Whoever she is, that other woman will be touched to know you appreciate her. Come to Scranberry Coop. From antique teacups to vintage books, you'll find something here she's going to love.

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