Thursday, March 11, 2010

Give Me BackThat Filet O' Fish!

Ok so maybe we're not selling fried fish sandwiches.
But if you have a fisherman on your gift giving list, this is the place. Father's Day is not that far off!
Or maybe you're redecorating your bathroom with some fun fishy flare. Or maybe you're re-doing your poolside BBQ area? Or a beach cottage styled room or patio? Lots of neat pieces here from seashell art to Beanie Baby sharks. Fishing nets, lures, bobbers, and poles, not to mention seagulls, collectible sailor dolls and more.
Scranberry Coop should be your go-to place for decorating ideas, collection finds and gift giving bonanzas.
Come check out the Coop. We promise not to sing anything that will get too stuck in your head. ;)

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