Monday, March 15, 2010

Long Ago and Far Away

Remember believing? And wishing?

There was a magical combination when we were kids, of imagination and fantasy. We didn't have Xbox and Playstation, we had our own stories to tell. We had our own ideas of wizardry and wonder.

Knights in shining armor battling evil, the fairy princess kissing a frog, dragons secretly watching the castle, Kings and Queens and Guillotines in enchanted lands...

Our imaginations knew no bounds.

Once upon a time, is here again today. From gossamer wings to dungeons and draw bridges, whatever your imagination desires. There's something here at Scranberry Coop that will inspire you. There's something here that will spark your ideas, and help you create a space where you feel enchanted.
Create your own personal Renaissance festival right in your home -
A fun medieval bar and playroom.
A Gothic Master bedroom.
A palace for your little girl.
Let your imagination run wild at Scranberry Coop.

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