Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going Inside

In the heat of summer, some of us prefer to stay cool in the air conditioning. Do you have a hobby you've been neglecting? Do you sew, enjoy building models, or play board games? Do you repair old dolls, make jewelry, or hand embellish or paint collectibles like milk bottles, watering cans or occasional tables?

Scranberry Coop might be just the place for you this summer, while you're dodging the heat! Take a ride over to see what's here. There's tons of choice pieces here that would add fun and whimsey to your summertime inside hobbies and crafts. Look around, get some ideas. Re-frame some of your needlepoint or sketches. Re-work your vanity cottonballs and q-tips into a set of vintage canisters.

Aisle after aisle, booth after booth, vintage metal breadboxes, antique bottles, coldpaint drinking glasses, tin serving trays, and so much more. There's so much here, you're bound to leave with a bevy of inspiring finds. Don't waste another day inside hiding from the heat without some happy hobbies and ideas to keep you busy!
Have a happy summer, from all of us at The Coop!

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