Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's Moving Out?

Is this that summer? That summer when your kids are planning their move-outs? Are they going off to college in a month? Or are they going out there on their own now that college is over? Is this THAT summer, when your family spreads it's wings and flies off to their own nests?

Well, that means it's time for you to go shopping.

Let your daughter pack up that set of everyday dishes and take it with her. Let your son take that pressboard desk from his room, or that mass produced kitchen table and chairs for his new place. They'll think you're being supportive and generous when you stand in their room and say, "Sure, take anything you want."

They're the ones going off in the world having new lives. It's only fair you get to breathe some new life into your house!

Now is the time to go get that farm table you've always wanted, to replace the piece of furniture your daughter is so happily taking. Now is when you get to transform her old bedroom into that sewing room you've always wanted. With the French theme. And the daybed to display all your handmade toss pillows in vintage fabrics. Or a guest room. Or a tea room, a special place just for you filled with things that make you smile.

You LOVE your special dishes, and you always say it's a shame you only get to use them once a year. This is the summer you realize life is too short for that. As you send your everyday dishes off to your son's first apartment, make your good dishes your every-single-day dishes! Enjoy them. Use them.

And you know what that means.

That means you can start building another set of special dishes. What have you always wanted to collect? Blue Flow? Royal Albert? A shabby chic collection of various cabbage rose pieces, or rooster breakfastware? This is the summer that you begin that collection. Now you have the room, the time, and the passion.

Maybe it's not even your kids that are starting out on their own.

Maybe it's your grandkids, or your niece or nephew. Maybe it's your god kids, or the neighbor's kids you've been so close to all these years. It would be a very cool gesture on your part to invite them over and offer that office furniture or back porch furniture to help get them started. Offering them your canisters and mugs, some wall hangings and decor will surely help get them started, or maybe even bring in a few bucks for them at a yardsale.

Then reward yourself! You deserve it. You work hard and you give so much. Come into Scranberry Coop and check out the hoisers, the pie cabinets, the arrays of old milk glass and green bottles. Vintage toys, antique instruments, everything and anything.
We have the perfect pieces for that unique sewing room you've always wanted.

Come to The Coop. What are you waiting for?

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