Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Jersey

New Jersey.

You're known for so many awesome things. The Devils. The Boss. The Shore. Salt Water Taffy. Land of many tolls, where the 80's were bigger than Jerseylicious and The Jersey Shore combined. Bon Jovi. Great Adventure. Camps, lakes, & summer homes. Atlantic City. The Sopranos. Rutgers. Seton Hall & WSOU. The Meadowlands under all it's names and incarnations. Yes New Jersey, we have to buy our beer in liquor stores, but you're our home. And we love you!

At Scranberry Coop we've got lots of collectibles and vintage treasures that celebrate our Garden State. Come see us at the Coop. There's something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

That second pic on this of the shore is really cute. Where did you get that? Do you know what beach that is?

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks! Yes, that's Ortley Beach. My Mom happens to be visiting down there this week and she sent me that from her phone to mine a couple days ago. It's what inspired this blogpost. 'Glad you liked it!