Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Think Outside The Box

How fancy and fun would it be to have a teacup stand on your desk, to hold paperclips, rubberbands and thumbtacks?

How about a set of vintage kitchen canisters in your bathroom for cottonballs, qtips and soaps?

Reuse, re-purpose, recycle, re-new! Keep it green, and at the same time keep it special.

There's already so much great stuff out here in the world. Sweet Mexican pottery, coldpaint glasses, antique cups and glass refrigerator boxes that would look snazzy and make you feel organized and decorative while rekindling your memories and re-purposing past treasures.

Turn your passion for collecting into a flair for living. And Scranberry Coop is just the place to get started.

A cool old trunk or wooden shipping box might make the perfect accent table or file cabinet. An enamelware breadbox might be a fun inbox for your home office, or catch-all in the living room for remote controls and TV Guides.

Maybe you've already got some pieces you've been collecting or saving. Now's the time to put your vision into action. Enjoy your surroundings, create living and work spaces that make you smile.

At Scranberry Coop we're always having a good time and we hope you are too. Check us out, find some inspiration and bring these smiles home with you. Find some cool old cookie jar that would be great as a flower pot, milkbottles that would be cool vases, or a cute old doll carriage that would look adorable as a magazine rack. Enjoy your home, enjoy your life.

And come enjoy Scranberry Coop as much as we do!

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