Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Counting the minutes 'til Santa? A good clock would help.

If you or someone you're shopping for would appreciate an heirloom clock, you need look no further than Treasure Map Location #32.

This Bulova advertising clock is electric, and in perfect working condition. It's priced at $118.00

And that's before the discounts. That's right, this is one of those booths that's offering you a discount on your purchases unless the item is marked "Firm." You can take
20% off for cash and 15% off for check or credit card sales.

This dealer has been repairing clocks professionally for over 40 years. You can ask for his phone number at the cash registers if you have an old clock that needs some work. That's also where you'll find the keys and pendulums for the time pieces in this booth.

This lovely 1960 Howard Miller brass & glass clock operates on "C" batteries. It's $68.00 before the discounts.

The mantle clock below is priced at $235 and runs beautifully, too.

Good time pieces are considered essential in Feng Shui designs, and a fortunate New Year's gift by many cultures. Why not give yourself this gift this year? Let it serve as a gentle reminder that time is precious, spend it wisely. You have time, you can find the time, you can make time, before you're out of time.

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