Sunday, December 12, 2010

Treasure Hunting at Map Location #1

What a nice touch to a holiday gift basket for the baker in your family: a vintage wooden handled rolling pin like one of these. Priced-nice at $8 and $12, and that's before the discount this dealer offers. 20% off for cash sales, 15% off for credit card and checks.

Where are you going to find a great gift like these rolling pins?

Our Facebook Friends know our Treasure Map. It was just a little something we put together to help people locate the cool items in the photos we post. It's also a way for people to be able to remember where they saw something, or to reference the spot when asking one of us about an item. With 150 dealers occupying 200 booths and spaces, things can get a little overwhelming!

We hoped the Treasure Map would help make things easier. And now we're also enjoying Treasure Hunts! Find the hidden treasure, win a prize or a gift certificate!

Keep checking the site, and be sure to add us as a friend on Facebook to keep on top of all these chances to win.

Meanwhile, come to the Coop and check out Location #1.

Antique tools, vintage kitchen items, Victorian postcards, framed artwork, Lenox, Mexican pottery, figurines and more. This spot is always interesting and very active. Each time you visit The Coop you'll see new items in this lovely corner.

A vintage aluminum milkbox, a bunch of awesome antique Christmas ornaments.... there's something at Treasure Map Location #1 you'll want to see! So we'll see you at The Coop!

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Anonymous said...

I shop this booth all the time! They had the best workbench in there awhile ago, sad to say I missed it. Was too busy "deciding" and someone else bought it! I will find one...