Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrating You

When you come into Scranberry Coop and you leave with something that makes you smile, it's like claiming your treasure. It's like grabbing onto something inside of you that makes the day worth celebrating.

We celebrate those treasures with you. No matter what it is that makes you light up, from an old record album to a Tiffany lamp, we get it. We agree. We're smiling with you.

There's a reason certain items never wound up in a dumpster:
Somebody cared about them. Somebody saw the treasure inside and knew it was special, and celebrated it.

And now, it's your turn.

Walk up and down the aisles of Scranberry Coop. Find all the treasures we celebrate: the tangible that connect us to the intangible.

You know it inside when you see it. It's not just a cookie jar or a baseball cap. It's not just a beer stein or a painting. It's more.

It's a moment, a memory, a dream. It's a connection to a person, or a place, or a time. It's the whole wide world, and it's your very own little backyard.

We celebrate that.

We celebrate memory.

We celebrate history.

We celebrate Christmas all year round.

We celebrate artists. We celebrate the home team.

We celebrate music and craftsmanship and style. We celebrate what makes a home unique, what makes a person different.

We celebrate your birthplace, and alma mata. We celebrate you first hockey game and your favorite cartoon. We celebrate your grandmother's cooking and that thing you collect without ever really defining why.

We celebrate movie stars bigger than life.

We celebrate childhood dreams of cowboys and ballerinas that we whispered in the dark to a best friend during a sleepover.

We celebrate wishes, traditions and brand new beginnings... the things that we wanted, the things that we were. The things that we will one day be.

We celebrate you.

Come to Scranberry Coop.
Join the celebration!
Come celebrate whatever it is that makes you happy,
whatever it is that makes you "You."

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