Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasure Map Locations 132, 141, & 142

The deals are tremendous at Facebook Friends Treasure Map Locations #132, 141 & 142.
Right now, these spots on the map are occupied by sellers Kathleen & Dan - absolutely 2 of our favorite dealers here at the Coop.

Everyday these booths 25% off for cash purchases and 20% off for credit card sales unless marked the item's marked "Firm."

But check the FB page before you come! Just this week these booths had a Discount Day of 50% off for Facebook Friends only, and that INCLUDED items marked "Firm!" Join our Facebook Friends if you haven't already, you don't want to miss out on all the Facebook Friend's specials!

You'll find antique dolls, figurines, vintage spice bottles, kitchenware, artwork, toys, tons of awesome unique jewelry items, and much more.

Musical instruments, furniture, McCoy pottery Asian silk purses, books, canister sets and more! When you come through our front doors just hang a right. All three of these Treasure Map Locations are grouped together in the front of the store. (Just look for the Facebook Treasure Map Location signs!) It's easy-peasy.

Come check out the Coop! And be sure to visit 132, 141 and 142 on the Treasure Map! Something for everyone!

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