Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got Valentine?

Don't put it off! You've only got a few weeks. Valentine's Day is coming and you don't want to be left without a gift for your sweetie!

Scranberry Coop has what you need. From vintage Valentines to collectible Cupid ornaments, to teddy bears and then some. We have all your traditional fair, but with the Scranberry Flare!

We've also got 2 special events coming your way to make your Valentine's shopping fun and festive. On January 29th we're throwing a Jewelry Party! We'll be staying open late - until 7pm, serving wine & cheese, and we'll have a huge selection of vintage jewelry treasures for you, priced from $1 to $10. Very affordable, lots of fun! There will also be some of our dealers here with special tables of artisan and hand crafted jewelry, plus antique pieces you just don't want to miss.

Then on February 13th, we'll host another gathering here. It's a Naughty & Nice Valentine's Day Chocolate Party! Candida's Confections will be here from 2pm - 8pm. You can enjoy Nice Valentine's from 2pm on, and Naughty items from 5pm (available for adults.) Heart shaped lollipops, long stem chocolate roses ad chocolate dipped strawberries are just some of the sinfully delicious delights Candida will be selling.

Valentine's collectible village houses, vintage aprons, and hand crafted toss pillows are just some of the rest of the treasures your Valentine will love. Plus coffee mugs, wine glasses, lovely jewelry and more. There's something special here for your honey, for your special Valentine's Day breakfast or dinner.

Don't be in trouble this year!
Instead, just come to The Coop!

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