Saturday, January 8, 2011

Joanne, The Bottle Lady!

If you haven't already met Scranberry Coop's Bottle Diva, here she is!

Joanne is one of our most successful dealers, and one of the coolest people you could know. She has four booths and 2 cabinet units here packed with awesome treasures. If you're a Coop Shopper, odds are you've perused these spots many times.

Proud mother to three daughters and grandmother to 6 lovely granddaughters, Joanne has been dealing antiques on a professional level for decades. She has the eye and the know-how to provide you with some of the finest antiques you could want.

Check out this 1940's maple dresser. It's at Treasure Map Location #131, priced Firm at $160.00. It's in nice condition, sturdy and solid, with a nautical carvings. This would be really nice for a little boy's room, a guest room with an ocean theme, or used as a linens dresser in a bathroom or hallway.

This is just one great example of the kinds of terrific pieces Joanne sells.

Where does she find her wares? She says most come from estate sales. She said she tried buying storage units at auction but didn't care for it. Joanne sells a lot of nice antique furniture at The Coop, although according to her, furniture seems to sell faster in better weather. Hmm... maybe that means now is the time to go shopping for the best deals on antique furniture! 

Also at Treasure Map Location you'll find this wicker carriage for $165.00 and this wicker chair for $90.00. Both are from the 1930's, and would be adorable with a doll or teddy bear collection.

Joanne's philosophy on booth arrangement is: Don't Waste Space. She tries to get as much as she can into her booths so that clients are always bound to find something they'll really like. She tries to group like items together like old tins, Gurley candles, and sewing notions.

One of her favorite sales happened not long ago; a gentlemen purchased a coffee tin (with coffee still in it!) that Joanne discovered at a house sale. The man told her he'd been looking for that very tin for 40 years!

Joanne says she likes to find antique pieces that are odd or interesting. Take these collectible stickers from the 1970's priced at $25.00. These were from Wacky Packs Bubble Gum card packs. She's also fond of different kinds of scales, toys, interesting artwork and postcards.

She enjoys acquiring people's collections because she can appreciate the time and effort it took for them to assemble. Joanne says people like the idea that the things they appreciated will go on to find their way into the homes of more people that will also appreciate them. This is the real draw of antique shopping. The items have a history, and they strike certain chords of memory with collectors. This gives them meaning, and lends a shared experience to all.

                                                  2 more of Joanne's booths can be found at Treasure Map Locations 72  & 97. Some of the treasures may be familiar to you, like this Bessie Pease Gutmann artwork. Other items may be hand made, one of a kind, something you didn't even know you had to have until you saw it.

Treasure Map Location #145 is also Joanne's, as well as a small display case at the front registers (Location #0) and display case #145.

There's a cherry bedside table with pull out writing shelf for $90.00, there's an oak swing mirror bureau for $350.00, a round top Mahogany tilt top pedestal table with original hardware from the mid 1800's for $550.00. There's Snow White & the Seven Dwarves prints at $20.00 each, Occupied Japan figurines from after WWII for $20.00 each, Hummels, Coca Cola collectibles, old print shop stamps, Flatsy dolls, gorgeous antique jewelry, and much much more.

And there's bottles. Lots and lots of bottles!

The wide variety of antique bottles Joanne has can range in price from $2.00 to $600.00. She participates in the Antique Bottles and Glass Collectors Magazine community, auctions, and she advertises the unique bottles she has in their publication. Through this she's invited many collectors to the Coop to shop her bottles, and to check out the rest of the Coop's dealers as well.

Joanne's been our featured dealer before, there's so much going on in her booths that we'll just have to keep highlighting them. In addition to these articles on the website, you'll see many of Joanne's items posted daily on our Facebook page.

While discussing this very old figural Pfaltzgraff cookie jar, Joanne shared that she was married in 1952 and received a set of mugs that matched it as a bridal shower gift. She has said that she's collected some things, then parted with the collection or that she enjoyed some of the antiques and then after a while moved them to the Coop for sale. But the set of mugs she received as a shower gift 58 years ago? Joanne said she's keeping those. When asked why, Joanne just smiled and said "Nostalgia."

Really, what better reason is there?


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