Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You Antler Ridge!

Scranberry Coop would like to say a great big THANK YOU to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary in Newton NJ for rescuing, nursing to health, and finding a forever home for Norman, the Brown Swiss Calf you see pictured here.

I've read several press releases and articles and postings from Antler Ridge regarding Norman. Norman came from a livestock market in NJ. Antler Ridge's articles express understanding that many farmers make a living with livestock, and that Antler Ridge is neutral. They do not spend time judging. Instead they spend time trying to help, finding ways to make a difference, and hoping to educate people on how to correct poor conditions. This organization is responsible, fair, and realistic.

We're always impressed with their work and the way they go about it.

To paraphrase one of their press releases, Antler Ridge went to this live stock market with an open mind hoping all would be healthy and well. They didn't set out to "intervene in the food chain."

Norman the calf and a few lambs came home with Antler Ridge that day.

Norman had a twisted leg, a bad infection and was terribly underweight. He was suffering and needed some care.

Antler Ridge took him to an animal hospital for evaluation, they bottle fed him, took wonderful care of him, and 2 1/2 months later have found him a forever home.

After reading the press release, I emailed back and forth with Kelly from Antler Ridge who took the time to teach this Brooklyn girl a few things! I didn't know the difference between an ox, bull, steer, if they're all cows, or what! Well, I've learned that Norman the young calf, was born a bull, he's a breed of dairy cow called a Brown Swiss which is the largest breed of dairy cow, just one step below an Ox. But he was neutered and de-horned which makes him a steer. (Did I get that right, Kelly?)

Thank you Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary for all you do, and for how you do it. I'm sure Norman would agree. You guys rock!

Next time you're at The Coop make sure you visit Antler Ridge's booth. All proceeds from the booth we've given them go to the support of the animals in their care. Buy cool stuff AND help a great cause at the same time!


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