Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 Steps - The Scranberry Coop Collector's Club Path to a Better Collection

1 - I admit I am a Collector. My Collections are a part of who I am, things I celebrate, and memories I make. They are accomplishments I am proud of. I have neat stuff and cool ideas. In fact, I should have my own television show, I'm so awesome at this!

2 - I pledge to implement The Buddy System. I shop with a friend whenever I can. I always try to have a friend with me on my shopping sprees to tell me what great taste I have, to help me carry my treasures out to the car, and to cover me if my credit card is maxed out. Buddies are awesome, especially buddies with pick-up trucks who can lift heavy things.

3 - Under no circumstances will I hide my collection in a closet. I'm a proud collector! I'm out, I'm shopping, I'm the poster child for Decorating with Style and Taste!

And truth be told, if there isn't room for my collection to be proudly displayed in the decor of my home, maybe it's time to sell, pare down, or collect something different that I can incorporate into my family's lifestyle.

4 - I promise to Share. I will share my sources. I will tell other Club Members about great deals, cool shops, fleamarkets, online venues and collector events in and out of The Coop. I will share stories and photos about my cool stuff with Scranberry Facebook and The Collector's Club.

5 - I will take a Personal Inventory of my collection on an ongoing basis. I will note what has been collected. I will search for the missing pieces that will make my collection that much more fabulous.

6 - I vow to keep Discovering. I promise not to let my collections get old, stale, or boring. I will continue to Discover new focuses on old favorites, new collections, and I will re-invent my displays. Unless of course I just really like my stuff the way it is in which case I'll probably just skip this step.

7 - I may decide to try my hand at Being a Dealer. I may choose to enter Collector's Club Contests to win a rent-free booth for one month at The Coop to sell my goods. I may take advantage of Collector's Club special offers for renting, Flea Market tables, and other tools to try turning my collections into profits. I will help encourage other Club Members who want to become dealers as well.

It's all in good fun! We're always have fun at The Coop. Join us!


Anonymous said...

This is hysterical! I love it! I wish I was closer I would so be joining this club. I collect McCoy, quilts, teddy bears, cows, and I'm starting to collect old art supplies like old paintbrushes and easels and people's old artwork.

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks! I wish you were closer too, this is going to be so much fun. Lots of inside specials for the club members. Private shopping nights, guest speakers, a chance to share and talk and learn.

Oh I love the art collection you're building! That's really interesting. If you're an FB friend, post and tag some pics, we'd love to celebrate that with you.