Monday, June 6, 2011

One Step Closer Animal Rescue

One Step Closer Animal Rescue, known as OSCAR, came to the Coop today with some very special dogs for adoption, and held a mini-garage sale fund raiser - adoption day.

We're happy to be able to give our support to such a loving and compassionate group. These are some really dedicated volunteers, who are working hard to help these very needy animals.

Look for their booth inside the Coop - all proceeds go to helping the dogs.

One Step Closer Animal Rescue averages 5 - 10 rescues per week. That means, volunteers driving to different locations to physically rescue the dogs to give them a second chance at life and love. Then the dogs are vetted and/or health checked, bathed, nurtured, and kept safe by a loving foster home until OSCAR can find a forever-home for the dog at one of these adoption events. They try to have 3 a month. They depend on your support and donations. This is an all volunteer network really doing the best they can to save as many dogs as possible. Anything you can do to help them would be appreciated.

OSCAR is a 501-C-3 charity: all donations without benefit are tax deductible.
Your Tax Deductible Donations can be mailed to:
POB 248
Sparta, NJ, 07871

OSCAR is a Foster-Care Network for dogs in need, based out of Sparta NJ. There is no physical shelter, but you can reach these government recognized charity volunteers by emailing (preferred) to or by calling 973.652.3969

For more information including adoption forms, go to:

Thanks for all you do, OSCAR! <3

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