Thursday, June 9, 2011

Setting Your Outdoor Table

It's easy to add a splash of sunshine and springtime to your kitchen with seasonal colors and patterns. But what about your outdoor dining?

Instead of paper plates and plastic cups, why not try going a little greener this season?

Vintage trays make serving easier while being stylish or kitschy. Serve Captain & Cokes on a classic Coke tray. Bring out a round of margaritas on an authentic Florida souvenir wooden tray with a state map or pink flamingos. Bring out the beers in a big old milk box or copper washtub filled with ice.

For a fun twist to barbecues, why not collect a pattern you've always liked but have yet to collect?

Finding a big set of Blue Willow or Virginia Rose that already has wear, crazing, and some chips might turn out to be even cheaper than those disposable plates and bowls you were going to buy. You could even re-do your whole porch in theme with some blue and white striped cushions and vintage white table linens. Go ahead and save by grabbing up some that have a few stains or tears. That way no one will be upset if they show further use as you enjoy them for casual summer events like tail gating, picnics, or just having your morning coffee and reading the newspaper out in the summer air.

Poolside snacks and drinks can be served safely on Melmac and other Melamine resin 1950's and 60's retro kitchenware. These can be great for beach excursions, too!

Maybe vintage baskets are just the thing for serving snacks like Tortilla chips and salsa. Or maybe your tailgating parties are a little more Longaberger and silver candlesticks. Whether you want to go upscale or easy, you'll find treasures here you'll love.

A shabby chic collection of mismatched pieces is always a lot of fun especially with a theme, like birds, pink flowers, gold filigree, botanicals, or butterflies. Since you're looking for "As Is" pieces, you'll save money while repurposing and recyling.

Your summer dining sets can be kept in a vintage old trunk or a dedicated old hutch at your backdoor so as not to take up space your kitchen.

Maybe it's your every day dishes or even your good china that's now "As Is!" Here's your chance to take those sets and use them outdoors or packed up for picnics and excursions while you treat yourself to some really good pieces for inside your home. Maybe even for your formal dining room. ;)

Grab a few extra platters and plates while you're here. When you're invited to a neighbor's 4th of July Party, or Luau, or Poolside Bash, you can bring your dessert contribution on a pretty antique plate. What a lovely gift for your hostess.

And besides tableware, don't forget about all the other dining needs you could have over your summer.

It's handy to have a few Kerosene Lamps on your deck. Not only do they offer a nice amount of light, they also deter bugs, while looking country-cool. Vintage camp pillows and Indian blankets are great useable decor for your veranda. Old Adirondack chairs, extra occasional tables, trunk storage, an old watering can you can use as a vase = all are awesome and fairly inexpensive ideas to enhance your summer entertaining.

Old crocks and mason jars are great for use with candles outside.

Summer lemonade sets could be created from cold paint collectible vintage state glasses, or old juice glasses with summery patterns. Keep a re-purposed canister set outside filled with summer needs for easy access like bug spray, sunscreen, and trashy romance novels. And, oh yeah, we have those too!

What are you doing this summer? Going to the lake? Down the shore? Hanging by the pool? Having some barbecues? Going to see the races, or some games? Going fishing? Having a picnic? Or a holiday party? Or just sitting quietly on your own back porch?

Whatever you're doing, ya gotta eat! Scranberry Coop is your one-stop shopping fiesta for all your summer serving needs.

Share your ideas here in comments. Or with us on Facebook. Or at one of our Collector's Club meetings. We'd love to hear what you've re-purposed, and what you've discovered at Scranberry Coop!


Anonymous said...

I use old mason jars for drinks. And I'm looking for a great little wooden tool box to hold condiments, napkins etc. Love your ideas!

Tanya said...

What an Inspiration !!!! I cant wait to start re-doing my outside dining area Any Idea on Red Tan and green?

Gina said...

I use a lot of pieces in my summer table settings like Spreckleware, graniteware, and enamelware. I collect the old camp styles. I give the kids one of those big old enamelware mugs with fishsticks and frenchfries in them, and they run around and eat them while playing. Great post!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing website! It's so full of information. Came here from your facebook to see if there was hours posted and found the hours plus all this other great info. I've spent the last 40 minutes thumbing back through all your posts. I wanted to comment on this one. My family has been tailgating at football games for years. I love to be GREEN and do what I can to reduce our carbon footprints. I am so surprised at myself that I never thought of this before! I am definitely going to come to your shop next week and pick out some - what did you call it shabby chic - dishes for our tailgate parties for next season. It's a GREAT idea! I'm going to be looking for white dishes and green dishes. Can you guess what team we're fans of??

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Mason jars for drinks - excellent idea. There's a bar near where I went to college called The Mason Jar that does just that! Why didn't I think of that!

I think red, tan, and green would go nicely together. There's flow or transferware in red, brown and green, maybe a mix of those. You could dedicate each color to one type of thing, like all the linens being tan, all the china dishes being red, and all the glass (drinking glasses and glass accent pieces) being green. It's also fun to just mix and match it all up. So much you could do.

I like enamelware too, cute image of the kids running around on the go with their little dinners in their cups. If you post a pic of that, tag us on Facebook or email it to us, I'd love to share it.

And to the JETS fan, ;) , thanks for spending so much time today checking out all the posts. I'm so glad you found the site so informative. I do try to make sure all the information you could need about Scranberry Coop is right there, easily findable or searchable on the friendly blog website.

Thanks everyone!