Friday, July 15, 2011

Tune In To The Coop


Anonymous said...

I bought one of those guitars! I had to looks close to see cuz you guys get so many guitars in I couldn't tell at first. Love your place. I'm 27 years old and shopping there now for 7 years also my parents AND my grandparents shop there. Everybody gets different stuff I am always looking for music related stuff, my grandfather collects time pieces (dont say clocks, say time pieces lol) and my mother loves vintage jewelry and anything cute. I got a Joe Cocker beltbuckle there, and old whistle, shot glasses, comic books, old suede fringe jacket, records, chairs for my back porch, violin bow i play with on the guitar, old tattoo magazines, sexy pin up girl postcards like betty page but not her on these playing cards, a Jim Morrison book, and a cantene. Prob more stuff too. Its almost nuts how great this place is.

Scranberry Coop said...

Thank you! What a great comment! We appreciate that your whole family comes and shops for so many different kinds of things. There really is something for everyone here, right?

We happen to have a dealer who is a time piece specialist. I'm sure your Grandfather has enjoyed Treasure Map Location #32. It sounds like you've really found some great scores here! You have awesome taste ;) Thanks for posting this!