Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!

Just as any other successful store will tell you, stuff gets sold here!

If you see something when you're shopping around at the Coop, there is no guarantee it will be here when you return. Even if you're on the phone asking if something is still here and one of our Coop staff finds it and answers you, the next second someone could be buying it, and it's gone.

That's why we've implemented our Shop By Phone option.

This is a 10,000 square foot building of treasures, from 150 different dealers. There's lots of stuff, lots of turn-over, lots of cool things coming in all the time. Since every individual dealer stocks their own booths and sets their own pricing, there's no way anyone can ever have an inventory of exactly what's here at any time. Asking us if we have any [insert cool thing here] is not the most effective way to find your treasures. Even if someone did look through the entire shop and answer you, a second later that answer could change. 3 more could come in, the 4 here could sell. You never know! That's how it is with a store that's open to the public.

That's why we've implemented our WANTED Board.

Since there is such a variety of unique treasure here from vintage finds, Steampunk, antiques, gifts, collectibles, art, jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, American pottery, coins, stamps, leather jackets, garden statues and more more more, we can't conceivably list all the themes, categories and possibilities.

We also can't even begin to describe our incredibly eclectic customers! They range from teapot collectors, to young musicians, to Go-Green ecologists, movie set dressers, to teachers, to students, to experts, to people with an eye for decorating, to people embracing their memories, to people that are spendthrift, to people that just want to find a few Matchbox cars as conversation pieces for their new corporate office.

And since they vary so much, they have tons of different interests. Our community is awesome, and varied, and friendly. They do all kinds of interesting things from discussing old retro television sitcoms, to going to the Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls concert tonight. They follow the Yankees or the Devils, they are firemen and police officers. They are mothers and business owners. They find great flea markets, they have their own shops and restaurants, they are pet owners, and crafters, and photographers. They are excited to share info about the other places in the community they have enjoyed.

That's why we implemented our Facebook page.

On Facebook we can share vintage videos footage, post pics of items that have been in the shop, discuss collecting, decorating, antiquing, Green ideas, events around town, and learn about the interests of other neighbors and friends.

We're also part of Google+ now! Just send us your email address if you'd like an invitation.

We've also implemented after-hours parties with private shopping, The Collector's Club, our First Sunday Flea Markets during pleasant weather, fundraising events for our local animal rescue friends, Online sales and auctions, and more.

At the Coop we're doing everything we can think of to make your shopping (and selling) experiences great ones.

So keep stopping in. New treasures are coming in all the time as the things you saw on your last trip find new homes. Keep checking the website for events and happenings. Keep checking the Facebook page for good conversations, retro - commercials and movie quotes, and lots of photos of items that were once here. (And try shopping by phone if you see something you really want! Odds are it will NOT be here next time you are!)

Keep up the great work, building a community you can be proud of. Keep thinking about supporting your local businesses. Keep your neighborhood thriving.

In today's economy you only get to make so many purchases. Make them count.

We'll see you at The Coop!

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