Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Should Come to Scranberry Coop's Flea Market on Sunday:

Why should you come to Scranberry Coop's next Flea Market?

#10 - You want to come by here anyway to donate some clothes to Planet Aid in the convenient big yellow donation bin.

#9 - You can bring the kids! There's something for everyone at the Coop and that includes the youngin's. Beanie Babies, baseball collectibles, trolls, Barbies, Hello Kitty, Domo, dress-up jewelry, Tonka trucks, and more. They won't be bored!
Bring your dog, too. Bring everyone!

#8 - The Coop is conveniently located right on Route 206, with lots of parking.
Easy to find, easy to navigate.
One stop shopping!
Just pull in, park, and enjoy yourself!

#7 - The store is open! The Coop's Flea Market is not just a bunch of vendors out in a field someplace. At The Coop you have a built-in back-up plan. The 10,000 square foot big yellow building will be open as well.
So if it rains, your day isn't shot! Just bring the shopping inside. It's never a wasted trip!

#6 - You can grab a gourmet goodie while you peruse the wares. How does a homemade provolone and turkey breast sandwich sound? You can have lunch, a snack, a refreshing beverage, or you can buy a treat for later on from Country Cookies. Gluten and sugar free goodies available. And YES we have a restroom!
Win- win!

#5 - Why?
Because we like you!

#4 - If you stay home you're just going to wind up doing laundry. Really, what fun is that when you could be at The Coop? You could be shopping! You could be getting ideas for next year's sun porch, you could be trying out a second hand guitar or piano. You could be trying on turquoise rings or pill box hats. You could steampunk shop with your teenagers and figure out you really do have interests in common!

#3 - No use in going fishing at the lake. All the coolest fish are already at The Coop! Come fishing at the Coop instead. Reels, Rods, nets, tied flies, and all kinds of collectibles for your man-cave, home bar, or wreck room. Fish dinnerware, planters, prints, postcards and more.

#2 - All the cool kids are coming.
You don't want to be left out.
Tag your Facebook friends, bring your BFF.
Google+, FourSquare, & Twitter your location.
Tumblr up or instagram some fun and funky photos to share.

Or, come to roll your eyes at all those twittering tumbling texting teenieboppers. Either way, rest assured whether you're 9 or 90 you'll enjoy yourself at:

42 Main Street/Rte 206
Andover NJ
This Sunday August 7th 2011, from 8am - 4pm

And the #1 Reason You Should Come To Scranberry Coop's Flea Market This Sunday:

Testing out all the treasures you buy when you get home!

We'll see you at The Coop!

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