Friday, September 16, 2011

Collector's Club Halloween Party! You're Invited!

* Friday October 7th, 2011
* Store closes at 4pm,
Party Time Starts at 5pm!
* Private After-Hours Shopping
* Treats, Spirits & Noshes
* And More~~~

We're relaunching this season's
Collector's Club with a fall fiesta!

The Club is free, fun, and packed with benefits for you as a dealer, a shopper, and a neighbor.

Dealers are welcomed to participate, set up occasion-based tables, and join in the conversations about collecting, displaying, shopping, and more.

Customers are invited to check out the 10,000 square foot building, ask information on renting a booth and joining the Coop family of dealers, and enjoy some after-hours shopping, drinks, and snacks.

* Everyone who comes to the party will receive a Club Chip

* Anyone who comes in costume will receive and EXTRA Club Chip

We'll see you 10/7 at 5:00pm at The Coop!


Anonymous said...

I don't belong to the club can I still come? I will be coming from work so no costume.

Scranberry Coop said...

Yes yes yes! Come! Absolutely everyone is invited. Bring your friends and coworkers.

Our Collector's Club by the way is a very informal after-hours fun gathering. There's no cost, no rules, no requirements. it's just a nice opportunity for collectors to gather here and do some private shopping and enjoy good conversations about collecting. It's just fun, and a good chance to check out the place and hang out. There's some benefits like collecting chips which add up to discounts, inside info on booths becoming available. It's all good!

This Halloween Party should be a blast! Even if you only come to "collector's club meetings" that are parties, that's Ok! Come and have a good time!