Thursday, June 2, 2011

Collector's Club Meeting, 1st Friday at 5pm

What do you collect?

Do you collect quotes? Snowglobes? Musical instruments? Vintage vinyl? Steampunk items? Seashells? Postcards?

Whatever you collect, or might like to collect, come meet us at The Scranberry Coop Collector's Club.

We meet every first Friday of the month, at 5pm. That's an hour after official closing time, so we can all relax, enjoy a beverage, some nom noms, and good conversation with other collectors, customers, and dealers.

Collector's Club is free to join, and each time you come you'll receive a Collector's Club Chip. You can trade them in for Gift certificates at the Coop once you have a certain number.

Dealers come to learn about what the customer's are collecting and shopping for. Customers join to share their display ideas, discuss great shopping spots, enjoy a spirit and make new friends.

Even if you collect something that's not a thing you buy in a store, that's fine! Come and share your ideas. We're very casual. And it's always fun to shop in private after-hours while you're here.

See you at The Coop! Bring a friend!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love the blog and how you are always changing the background and stuff. This one looks like how it felt here in Sparta yesterday. HAZY HOT AND HUMID! Great job you guys!