Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

We're open 10am Friday. But only for our best customers.

Our best customers are our Facebook friends, our long time patrons, our brand new customers, and everyone who loves Christmas. Our best customers are also those that prefer to avoid the big malls and super-stores on Black Friday, so that they can come to a privately owned local shop that's part of their community.

Our best customers are people that have to think about their purchases and spend their money wisely. They're also people who've just started to think about the things we've been saying on this website.

And of course our best customers are people that have been coming to the Coop for years, who browse here and shop here and have spread the word about our unique shopping experience.

Come on into Scranberry Coop today. Be one of our best customers, be one of our friends. We'll see you at the Coop!