Monday, November 21, 2011

The Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

Who's coming? What do you need? Some extra stemware? An extra table? A few more chairs? Come to The Coop this Wednesday for those last minute needs and extra-special touches to make your Thanksgiving the best one yet.

Maybe it's decor you're looking for. A few Indians, pilgrams, or turkey centerpieces will add something special to your harvest home. Or maybe it's something to help in preparation. Mixing bowls, vintage Pyrex or Corningware? Yeah, we've got those.

How about your table settings? Need a butter dish? Are a few extra platters, serving bowls, covered vegetables, or vases for flowers on your wish list? An extra-cute salt and pepper set or juice glasses for the kid's table? Or how about the rest of the house. Will company be lounging in the living room? A spare arm chair, a couple of lamps, even a few pictures to cover up an old nail hole on the wall - all serve to make your home that much more ready.

Or how about something for the hostess herself? Come in and pick out a lovely necklace with matching earrings for the hardest working lady you know: YOU.

From table linens, to candles, to a huge poster of Mandy Patinkin - Whatever you need for your home before the guests arrive for the holiday weekend, you'll find it here! Come to the Coop on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble!


joey said...

Whoa, crystal dog bowl! now thats class! ;-)

Scranberry Coop said...

Nothing's too good for our Joey!