Saturday, November 19, 2011


Where's your sense of whimsy? Maybe it's in your Christmas or Easter decorations of quaint cute collectibles. Maybe it's in the gnomes in your garden, or in the fun faces on some of your kitschy kitchenware.

Maybe it's trinkets and keepsakes of your childhood; a cookie jar that brings you back to your grandmother's house, some vintage puzzles or books that remind you of family vacations or snow days. Maybe your sense of whimsy comes out in a bobblehead that makes you giggle. Maybe it's in the music you used to listen to... in the vinyl and the Partridge Family, and the Chipmunks, and Elvis. Remembering simpler times and happy moments.

Maybe it's something you've made no memories from. Maybe it's a headvase or a necklace or a candleholder that's just ... whimsical. And for some reason, you just like it.

At Scranberry Coop we have lots of things that will tap into your sense of whimsy. A classic Barbie for your bookcase, an old Yankees mug for your office, a basket for your magazines that reminds you of a dollhouse you loved. Whether it's as simple as a sock monkey or as cool as a Fonzi lunchbox, there's something here that will inspire a smile.

Placing one little Smurf or one Disney music box on your coffee table or your nightstand might have an unexpected effect on you; it may remind you to laugh.

Come to the Coop. Let the child in you find a treasure. Enjoy a fun whimsical change to your everyday decor. Find your smile at the Coop.

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