Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 2012 Dealer Contest Winner

Congratulations Treasure Map Location #94! As the winner of this month's dealer contest, we're featuring you - and only you - in this post, and all day long on Facebook.

If you're a regular shopper at The Coop, then you're probably familiar with this booth. It's always neatly packed with awesome sports collectibles. Unique vintage items, posters, news clippings, photos, articles, books, and more - it's a treasure trove for any sports fan.

You'll also find lots of great Beatles items. Books, rare VHS collections, photos, etc.

Another specialty of this popular dealer is vintage television, comic book & movie memorabilia. Land of Giants, Believe It Or Not, Adam's Family, vintage TV Guides, and other awesome surprises are in store for you here.

Oh, and don't forget, Treasure Map Location #94 overfloweth! Up front in the glass case (Treasure Map Location #3) that second shelf up from the bottom is also part of this collector's treasures. A few lovely ladies accessory items such as dynamite shoes, handbags and jewelry have been added to the wares for sale.

This dealer is offering you an additional discount off of his already surprisingly good prices. You can deduct 20% off of cash purchases, or 15% off of credit card and check purchases on any items that are not marked "Firm."

Make this year's Father's Day gift something he'll really cherish. Treat yourself to the Valentine's Day gift you really wanted but didn't get. Come to The Coop, and be sure to Check out Treasure Map Location #94.

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