Sunday, April 1, 2012

Treasure Map Location #89 - Fit For a Kid Bargain Boutique

I'm so excited to tell you about Connie, one of Scranberry Coop's newest dealers.

Treasure Map Location #89 features lovely designer fashions for babies and children.
Boys sizes 0 - 7
Girls sizes 0 - 12.

"I want people to know that my items are age appropriate," Connie pointed out. They range in style from old fashioned, to bohemian. to timeless, to current style. But none are too grown up. All celebrate the beauty of just being a child.

The gift sets are Connie's "Grab & Go" coordinates, an exclusive she's brought to us here at The Coop.

Look for exclusive designer names here, like Mish-Mish, Chatty Patty, Petit Ami, CoCo Bon Bon, JMO Originals, Jackson Clay (Martin Sheen's family,) So Kiwi, Greggy Girl, Jordon Mare, Keedo, and more.

You will find mixed in with these New With Tags (NWT) designer outfits for tots, some vintage finds like ladies cloth gloves and jewelry, porcelain collectibles and handbags. But Treasure Map Location #89 is definitely your go-to spot for special fashion at very affordable prices.

For example one Lucy Sykes NY onesie or dress is sold by the piece by the designer, for around $76.00

Here at Fit For A Kid Bargain Boutique that same purchase of the dress also includes the bloomer bottoms and the socks, all for only $32.00 before discounts. You can deduct an additional 20% for cash or 15% for credit card or check.

Some of these items you just won't find anywhere else around. Caplets by Greggy Girl are super-special. Keedo fashions are only allowed to be sold in brick and mortar shops: no online selling. Some of the designers have boutique contracts stating what other designers the boutique is allowed to offer in order to carry theirs. Pretty crazy, right?

Well you don't need to worry about any of that. All you need to do is check out booth #89 at the Coop for these exclusives.

You can be sure you're getting quality, new, tagged designer outfits here for your babies, your grandbabies, your godbabies, and any other babies you know. These are primo pieces, no seconds and no irregulars.

Have you ever gone to a baby shower and watched the mom-to-be open a couple gifts containing the same popular clothing items from around town?

That's not going to happen if you pick out your gift from Connie's awesome selection here at The Coop. Your gift is sure to stand out.

We're so happy to welcome Connie and the "Fit For A Kid Bargain Boutique" into the Scranberry Coop family of dealers. You can also look for Connie's table at upcoming First Sunday Monthly Flea Markets in good weather.

Stop in and see for yourself! Tell your friends! And come find your treasure at The Coop!


Anonymous said...

Thank-you Pax! Great job ...I appreciate it very much!


Scranberry Coop2 said...

My pleasure, Connie! I just went in and corrected a few typos - sorry about those. Welcome to Scranberry Coop!

raima said...

Great job, all pictures are really nice