Monday, April 9, 2012

"What kindsa stuff you guys got over there?"

We've got all kinds of great stuff here!

We have dealers that bring in vintage mini skirts, brand new designer baby clothes, and Victorian clothes great for Steampunk.

We had not one but 2 pink guitars here in the last 2 months.

We get telescopes, firefighter memorabilia, artwork, brass collectibles, depression glass, Royal Albert china, handmade kids hats, relish dishes, Jim Shore ornaments for all seasons, mirrors, chairs, dressers, Longaberger and antique baskets, globes, jewelry, books, lamps and more!

You'll find great stuff for your porch and garden for summer, from planters to vintage garden tools to bird houses. You'll find teacups and teapots and serving platters. You'll find leather motorcycle riding vests, retired Christopher Radko ornaments, beer taps, candle holders, working traffic lights, pinball machines and sports collectibles.

You'll find the Beatles, Elvis, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, Agent Orange and Led Zeppelin records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD's, photos, and things. You'll find sewing notions, power tools, Beanie Babies and Mayor McCheese. You'll find rugs, Pyrex, McCoy, Day of the Dead, Sock Monkeys, scarves, pianos, Monty Python and step stools.

You won't find them all every day, but you will find anything and everything here eventually. Each time you visit it's all different. That's because we are a family of 150 different dealers each bringing in their own kinds of stuff. There's lots of turn over so there's always more and more coming in.

What are you looking for? Wicker? A top hat? Crystal martini glasses? Fuzzy dice? A soshi screen? A tambourine? Clip-on earrings? A dinette set from the 50's? Whatever it is, come check out the Coop. You''ll be surprised. Come find your treasure! There's something for everyone at Scranberry Coop.

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