Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Things I Love" by Jessica DeVito

"I love this because it makes me think of my brother. He enjoyed those things and played with them all the time.

I love that because my mother made it. She sat in the living room while we watched TV and did it for me.

I love this over here because we bought that on a family vacation. It makes me think about how great that trip was.

I love these things because they have happy smiles. I smile when I see them even when I'm not in a good mood. I just like them, they cheer me up. If someone likes one, I will give it to them. It's like giving away a smile.

I love this one because it's just like my aunt's. I thought of her when I saw it. And guess what! Now when she sees it at my house she gets so excited. She says she wants to teach me all about it. We will have lots of good times. I can't wait!

I love that stuff because it's purple! And who doesn't love purple?

I love this and that. It doesn't really matter what they are. All that matters is how they make me happy. I love collecting because that's what it's about!"

- A Poem by Jessica DeVito, 13 years old


Samantha said...

Awesome poem!

Scranberry Coop2 said...

Thank you, Samantha! We think so too. Jessica, you're so inspiring! We're so happy to know you!