Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Treasure Map Location #136

Treasure Map Location #136 is packed with awesome finds! Vintage frosted barrel beer mugs, antique framed prints, green glass, adorable planters, turquoise blue teapot, real silver flatware, porcelain dog figurines and more.

You can deduct an additional 20% off for cash sales or 15% off for credit card or check sales, on all items that are not marked "Firm."

There's a lot of great deals here. Check out those gorgeous bone china teacups only $5.00 each. There's a whole collection of elegant perfume bottles, some with atomizers, displayed with pearls and and some fun jewelry items on a glass mirror dresser tray. There's a fantastic little black spaghetti poodle figurine for only $5,00, an authentic Howard Johnson's bank for $7.50, and beautiful ceramic wall pocket with a yellow and red bird for only $7.50! And YES - that's all BEFORE the discount!

This dealer has priced these treasures to move! Come to the Coop, take your time and shop around. And make sure you visit Treasure Map Location #136. There's something for everybody!

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